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Haunted, Chuck Palahniuk

The basic idea came from England, where art students go to the post office and take stacks of the cheap address labels available at no charge. Every post office has stacks and stacks of these labels, each one the size of your hand with the fingers straight but held tight together. A size easy to hide in your palm. The labels had a peel-off backing of waxed paper. Under that was a layer of glue designed to stick to anything. Forever.

That was their real charm. Young artists ─nobodies, really─ they could sit in their studio and paint a perfect miniature. Or sketch a charcoal studiy after painting hte sticker with a base coat of white.

Then, sticker in hand, they´d go out to hang their own littles show. In pubs. In train carriages. The back seats of taxicabs. And their work would hang there for longer than you´d guess.

The post office made the stickers with such cheap paper that you could never peel them away. The paper tore in specks and flakes at the edge, but even there, the glue woud stay. The raw glue, lookin lumpy and yellow as snot, it collected dust and smoke until it was a black smear so much worse than the little art-school painting it had been. Folks found that any artwork was better than the ugly glue it left behind.

So ─people let the art hang.

Haunted, Chuck Palahniuk